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Of course, you need to know how much our service will cost.

The decision to start a new life in Australia is a very important decision in your life - it might be one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. It goes without saying that this will be associated with expenses and costs. However, professional service, such as we guarantee, will ensure that your visa application will be in safe hands.


We consider ourselves as advisors offering a personalized service. Given that every migration case is different - depending on, e.g., the particular circumstances of the case, and whether the client has already started working on the visa application themselves - we have refrained from publishing a generic price list for our services.


Instead we will look at every case separately and then quote you a competitive fixed fee that will cover our services. On top of this fixed fee, only our disbursements (e.g., our phone, mail, copy, and email costs) and the direct costs associated with applying for the visa (that is, the visa application charge and any costs for medicals, police clearances, and translations and certification of documents) will be added.


Our quote will include a detailed list of blocks of work, together with a payment plan so you will not have to pay the whole amount at once.








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